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Mobility Returns, from Dent 999, in the Manchester & Lymm area

Mobility cars always need to be returned in the condition that you received them in.  When returning your mobility car you will be charged for any damage to it, including dents.  


The lease companies usually charge around £250 per car panel and are inspected by highly trained technicians that pick up on very slight imperfections and small dents.  


Our method cost a lot less than giving it back to the lease company or taking it to a bodyshop.  


Our Simple and effective Dent removal service will ensure that your Mobility car is restored back to as good as new.


How do I get help with dented mobility cars and how does it work?

The process focuses on accessing the rear of the dent and lifting it out with our customised tools.  Our simple method will leave little evidence, if any that there ever was a dent.


You can find out more about how it works or get in touch for a free quote.

Help for dented mobility cars in Manchester, Lymm & beyond

Dent 999: Restoring dented mobility cars.

Call Dent 999 to remove dents from mobility cars