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Scratch Repair Service

Scratch Repair Service at your door!

We are a mobile service so this allows us to repair the scratches to your vehicle, at a place and time of your convenience.  Our Scratch repair service can be carried out usually within 1-3 hours therefore the customer is not without their car for several days as would be the case if taken to a body shop.

Scratch Repair Service at Your Door
Scratch Repair Service Our Mobile Auto Body Shop Dent999

Scratch Before

Scratch Repair Service Our Mobile Auto Body Shop Dent999

After Repair


We work along side various paint manufactures and distributors only using high end products to ensure all scratch repairs are to a high standard but maintaining a low cost to the customer.

Scratch Repair for all makes of vehicle.

If your vehicle has a scratches, Dent999 offers a fast and convenient way to restore your car or van to its former glory with our car scratch repair service.

An increasing number of vehicle owners are turning to the convenience of our on-site car scratch repair service because it saves time and money.  If you are not sure what the best option for your vehicle just give us a call to put your mind at ease!

We can repair your car’s bodywork at your home or workplace and have your automobile back on the road in as little as 30 minutes. Dent999 provide dent removals, paint chip repair, bumper scuffs and car scratch repair in Greater Manchester area.

Most minor repairs may only need a ‘flat and polish’ which means removing scratches in the lacquer and this may take 10-30 minutes. Minor jobs may need to be re-sprayed if the lacquer has been broken by the damage and this would take one to two hours, although bigger jobs may take longer. For your convenience, all repair work is carried out on location

Almost all vehicles get marks, scuffs or minor dents at one time or other, no matter how much of a careful driver you are. Whether you have had a weather related accident caused by wet, slippery roads or icy conditions, your vehicle has been scratched through every day wear and tear, scuffed in a car park, or your car or van’s paintwork has been damaged by vandals, our car scratch repair service, will transform your car so it looks as good as new.

Scratch Questons?

What Does A Car Scratch Repair Cost?

There are many factors we must consider when compiling an estimate for a scratch repair. Things such as the colour of the vehicle, whether it is a solid/metallic/pearlescent paint and whether we feel blending into adjacent panels for a colour-match finish will be necessary, are all the things we need to consider when calculating the costs.

The easiest way is to get a quote from us.

Be sure to include the vehicle registration and pictures so that we can see how deep it is and where the scratch is on the vehicle.

What About a Repair Kit?

There is a lot of mixed information online about scratch repair kits and whether they truly work or not. We’re here to tell you that yes, they do in fact work but only when certain conditions are met. You first need to identify how deep the scratch is.

Most surface scratches can be removed with scratch repair kits but you should always take care when using them as you could end up causing more damage, which could increase the costs of the final repair.

Professional Car Scratch & Dent Repairs at your Home or Workplace.

We also provide SMART repairs is a technique used to repair and paint a small to medium damaged area on your vehicle,

How to get a quote for your Scratch?

You can email pictures for a free quote by clicking the link below or alternatively you can contact us through our telephone number, whats app, facebook and Instagram

You can find out more about how it works or get in touch for a free quote.

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